Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Tools for Home Buyers

You are walking in the neighborhood and see a house for sale that you really like. You can't wait to check out the details: price, square footage, sales history, etc. Now, whip out your iPhone and check out everything at your fingertip.

As an investor, you wonder how profitable an investment property will be? What's cash flow like? Log on to to sort the properties by different options.

With so many properties priced below market, you are interested in finding out how many times a house has dropped its price, and by how much, so that you may price your offer accordingly. Check out for price reductions.

Video is an efficient means of communications these days. Why not use it for real estate? Watch realtors talk about the areas that they service in, and, better yet, watch listing videos when you hunt for your favorite home.

Check out the latest and the greatest new tools for home buyers.

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