Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forbes Predicts San Jose Real Estate on the Rise in 2011

San Jose tops the list of cities where home values are expected rebound the most this year, according to a Forbes article:

"The result is a Top 10 list made up of cities boasting an outlook for job growth and rebounding economies in 2011."

"California touts the most metros on the Top 10 list. San Jose (No. 1), Santa Ana (No. 2) and San Diego (No. 5) offer housing markets where property prices are expected to rise steadily over the next three years."

San Jose:
Average Home Price: $511,186
12-Month Forecast: 3% increase
Three-Year Annualized Forecast: 2% increase

Full details "The Best and Worst Cities for Home Values in 2011":

Trulia Rent vs. Buy Index - Q1 2011

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Full list the 50 largest U.S. cities:


Definite buy in CA: Sacramento, Fresno, Long Beach, San Diego, San Jose.

Definite rent in CA: San Francisco.

In between: Oakland, Los Angeles.

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